Our Installations

About Us


Retailware Softech Pvt. Ltd. specializes in software solutions for micro, small and medium retailers. Having been in this industry since 1999 and having over 6,000 installations across the country. Though we started with a grocery solution, immediately extended to garments, jewellery, sweetmarts, footwear, innerwear, agri machinery, mobile stores, tea outlets, cafetarias etc. Pretty much all the verticals within the retail space. We actually specialize in understanding the domain of various verticals in the retail space and then we design the solution. Our team members have actually worked in the industry and can empathise with the situation of the owner and the staff. Hence, we believe we can do justice to family owned businesses ; whether a single store or multiple stores. We have clients having over 200 outlets also. That is why we claim that we can help our clients to actually apply our tagline in their life "Galla Chhodo, Aage Badho"!!

Our Mission


Being the best in the business of Leveraging Technology to provide user friendly IT solutions to Retailers, Wholesalers and traders to achieve this vision.

Our Vision


A world where every Businessman can leave his business unattended and still be in control of it.

Our Culture

We treat everyone with respect and dignity. We don�t differentiate on the basis of caste, gender, color, educational qualification.
we respect knowledge and strive to increase our knowledge on an ongoing basis.
We need to be honest to our team, our clients and above all, to ourselves. People can repose faith in us and share confidential information without any worries.
No false commitments. If we make a commitment, we keep it.
Whatever we do, we try to make it best possible and of consistent quality
We try to ensure that each one of us gets a share of the benefits.
This can make or break a company or relationship. We are always available to our team on phone because we know they depend on us and we can�t let them down. If there is any change in our schedule, we communicate it (if possible, in advance) to our team so they are aware if they need to make any changes in their plan.
We take ownership of our work and accept full responsibility for our actions.
We respect the time of others and also of our own. Hence we are always on time or even before it. In case of changes in schedule, we always intimate the other party about it.