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ICICI Bank Integration Guide


  • Your / Organisation’s Bank Account details with ICICI Bank
  • Vendor/Supplier’s Bank Account details


  • All on your ease clicks but complete secure payments with OTP authentication
  • No need to add the beneficiary / instead one can just make an AD-HOC payment
  • You can also check you bank balance / download your bank statements


Bank Master updation – Step by step

Step 1: Create one entry in the Bank Master - for example - ICICI Bank

Step 2: Configure Credentials and Account details -

  • Debit Account No = Account No of ICICI Bank
  • Corporate ID = Corporate ID of ICICI bank
  • User ID = Login User ID
  • Alias ID (Login id) = Login ID of ICICI bank

Bank Master Screen


Step 3: After entering the details, click on Bank Registration button to register the details


Step 4 :Go to the bank website. Do the following steps for approving your registration entry. Click on “Connected Banking” side tab


Step 5: Click On “Connected banking Approval” Hyperlink .


Step 6: Check the checkbox and click on “approval” button then click on “Done” button


Supplier / Vendor Master updation – Step by Step

Step 1: In Supplier Master - add bank details and then press- Ctrl + b

Step 2: One popup form will be opened as shown below

Step 3: Enter bank details with IFSC and bank transfer types

Step 4:Also note - Multiple bank entries can be attached to one supplier


Supplier Payment Type updation – Step by Step

Step 1: Add one more payment type and link it as ICICIOnline

Supplier payment Type screen


Supplier Payment Transaction – Step by Step

Step 1: Do the supplier payment by going to other pay

Step 2: Select payment mode as ICICI online.

Step 3: For selected supplier, banks will be populated- preconfigured in supplier bank

Step 4: Click on pay button

Supplier pay screen


Step 5: Requests will be initiated to ICICI bank and OTP will be sent to register A/c mobile no.


Step 6: Once OTP is successful, payment will be debited from configured account

Payment success screen


To Download your Bank Statement – Step by Step

Step 1: Press on Download statement button.


Step 2: Then give the date range (From and To) for statement


Press Ok



In this way statement can be downloaded.

For Checking of Bank Balance –Step by Step

Step 1: Press “Check Balance” button, current balance amount will show in the message box.


Step 2: After press, “Ok” then balance will be show on interface with date and time.


For Bank Reconciliation – Step by Step


For any further details one can definitely call up on our support helpline for a registered mobile number