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Salient Features 


Jewelsoft is a comprehensive retail jewellery store management system from Retailware Softech Pvt. Ltd. It is ideally suited for the modern / traditional Indian jewellers who has a progressive mindset and are set for the growth path with delegation and decentralization as the key focus areas.


Windows 7



Features Of Jewelsoft

Purchase Management
o RD Purchase
 Purchase of Bullion, Metal Ornaments, Loose Stone & Studded Ornaments.
 Purchase by Piece.
 Purchase against Consignment.
 Rate of metal can be decided later.
o URD Purchase
 Old Metal purchase
•     Own & Other Metal Purchase.
•     Purchase Rate Deduction for various types of Old Metal Purchase.
 Metal exchange
• By Value
• By Weight
o Vendor Management

 Karigar (Artisan) Management

o Issue of Material
o Issue of Work Order
o Receipt of Material
o Karigar Wastage & Labour charges
o Karigar Payments
o Karigar Debits / Credits
o Issue to Hallmarking
o Metal Outstanding on the basis of Regular, Repair, Sample

Product Creation/Bar-coding

o Label  to By weight, ByPcs ,Studded ornaments and colour stone
o Photo Assignment
o Weight taken from scale
o Suppliers  Barcode  can Use
o Labelling  Against source voucher
o Product Import from Excel (Prescribe format

 Inventory Management

o Departments & Strong Room wise stocks
o Multiple Strong Rooms can be created.
o Inventory of Raw metal (Bullion), Labelled Ornaments, Loose Ornaments, Loose stones.
o Inventory management by Metal, Purity, Group, Style, Design, Size, Weight (Gross,   Other, Net, & Fine), Making, Pieces, Quantity.
o Seasonal Stock Management. Reorder Level Stock Management.
o Gain & Loss Analysis of Old Metal Purchase.
o Stock Tray -> Location and Group wise  (Stock Taking Purpose)
o Melting ,Refining  and sample Issue and Receipt

Customer Management

o Maintain customer’s information including Birthday’s and anniversaries
o Take advance from customer with current rate applicable or delivery rate applicable   (Rate can be fixed for weight in proportion to the amount paid as advance)
o Customer Classification
o Customer Loyalty Program.
o Credit limit based on multiple guarantees
o Greeting SMS
o Mailing label

Salesman Management

o Salesman performance
o Salesman incentives

Branch Management

o Centralised metal rate management – Assign rate at HO and all branches will be updated   with their respective differentials.
o Same label can have different interpretations at different branches.
o Labour discounts and metal discounts (or differentials) can be set while selling to   franchise branches and these may vary from franchisee to franchisee.

Accounts Management

o Karigar payments, customer outstanding, supplier payments are all taken care of.
o All transactions can directly be posted into Tally 6.3/7.2/8.1/9.0/.ERP or SAP B1.
o Lock-unlock internal currencies

 Management Control

o Extremely simple Metal Rate management.
       Define your ratios or differences and change one single rate – rates for all purities   are automatically computed with desired rounding.
       Enter rate as per LME / Reuters and your local sales rates are computed.
       Design wise Making Rate Assignment
o Day close alerts by SMS / E-mail
o Rate change by SMS
o On demand SMS status
 Sales Management

o Order Acceptance
o Pre-sales slip
o Estimate
o Approvals
o RD Sales
o Various modes of payment
        Cash
        Cheque
        Credit Note
        Gift Voucher
o Sales return for single Item even if the Bill was made for Multiple Items



o Deposit Schemes
   By Weight
   By Amount.
   Multiple Schemes.
   Investor returns in terms of % or Amount
   Late payment / premature redemption penalties
       PDC Receipts

Gift Vouchers



o Group  ,style, Design, weight, Purity ,Product ,Making wise sale and Stock  between      selected date Range  
o Fast slow moving item analyse
o Customer Follow up
o Counter wise cash and Sale
o Product Image Catalogue
o Stone Stock Cost Reports
o One Page Reports(All inventory related Transaction Included)
o Lots of Different type of user define  valuable Reports
o All Reports Import In Excels



o Barcode Enabled
o RFID Compatible
o SMS enabled
o Weighing Scale Integration.
o Cheque Printing Designer.
o Product Identity Certificates
o Biometric enabled
o To Do list and Reminders
o Fully equipped call centre – Excellent telephonic and web based support.



o Provision to take photograph of Borrower and also his fingerprint.